hello! i like to make zines & artbooks.
most of the zines i make are photozines or artzines

i make a little photozine/artbook type thing called hi how are you?
i have made a couple issues of a little square photozine.
& i have made a few little artzines that have a poem & prints in them.
i would love to trade with you!~
you can email me ( dystatic AT gmail.com ) or mail me directly:
dystatic - po box 20083 - rpo beverly - edmonton, ab - canada - t5w 5e6

if you don't have anything to trade and want to pay me.. well, ok.. you can do that here
there is a site with some paypal links!~

& these are some of the ones i made many years ago...
steady on - photorgasm - fickle - faltered hope - various one shot (mini)zines - various artistbooks
& a link to my old & now defunct distro - static cling distro
though the items on there are still available if you want...

these are some of the things that i have available to trade:

zines made in 2014-2016
artbooks made in 2015-2016
...and back to the start.