this is an experimental conceptual mailart project ... in the process of making art a person comes up with a lot of scraps and junk, so i have sent out a whole bunch of blank artistamps for people to make their own versions out of their art scraps and i will see what they come up with.

Angela Behrendt El Taller de Zenón

Cascadia Pati B.

François Marceau Edition Janus

josé roberto sechi Simon Warren Bethany Lee

if you have wish to participate but have not received stamps from me, feel free to either make your own!~ or send me a note by post or email asking for me to send you some blank stamps!
you can mail me at:

po box 20083 rpo beverly
edmonton, ab canada
t5w 5e6

or email me at dystatic AT

if you wish to make your own stamps, you can either design your own, or you can use this blank one here: