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a postcard project.

trash stamps is a conceptual mailart/artistamp project!

i have a mailart call going that has to do with making your own airmail stickers (or other postal related labels), you can check it out by clicking on the following image:

some other stuff...

3d Postcards!~
i got some postcards done up using 3d pictures i made.. i have them up to buy there.. and more info and pictures here. ..or you can send me a note if you want to work something out.. yip.

AGAR prints!~
& some other art stuff...

old projects & other stuff...

Old Projects that I Organized.

involved mailing a postcard that was only half decorated, the person who got it would then (hopefully!) finish the other half, or whatever, and add my address to the blank side and send it back to me! i did do this mainly in the late 90s early 2000s, but if anyone is reading this and would be interested in doing some double postcards with me again it might be fun!~

copy art!

the 500 donkeys project is something i did a loooooong time ago..
i actually still have a few of them though, so they might still end up being passed around from time to time!

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