if you want to exchange mailart, send me stuff & i will reply, my address is:
po box 20083 rpo beverly
edmonton, ab canada
t5w 5e6

my mailart projects:

i have been doing mailart since 2000!

back in the early 2000s i had a mailart site where i posted calls & stuff. it was good fun but the folks who hosted the site closed shop, however, i discovered awhile ago that thanks to the internet archive "wayback machine" you can still check it out! there are still some calls listed there and stuff, so if you want to know what kinda mailart things people wanted back in the early 2000s you know where to go.

(done in 2015)

my other past mailart calls:

i also used to organize other art projects through the mail through other communities, like the defunct nervousness.org (miss that place), a couple times through art42 & an old yahoo group that did lofi artist book exchanges, and other places. some of the exchanges, the ones i got around to scanning, can be found here.
i have kinda been out of the loop for awhile and have not been able to make good contacts lately to do exchanges like this again. it is unfortunate because i loved doing it! if you happen upon this and know of any, let me know!

this is just an old! project/webpage i did a long time ago! i am not sure if i finished the 500 donkeys, i lost the list somewhere in my old archives (aka messy room), but if i find it i will get on it.

& this is a link to my old old webpage (that was also archived thanks to the wayback machine)

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