i love copyart.
i do.
but i have not had a chance to do much of it in a long time since my dear dear copier has been out of toner for a super long time.
and my dear dear copier is a machine from the early 80s that my dad got for me from a demo job. a canon pc-20
i love it but it is hard to find toner for locally, well, and expensive.
i happened to find a brand new in the box, sealed cartridge on ebay for super cheap! including shipping, with the exchange rate it was under $30! i was SUPER EXCITED!
it arrived & this happened:

ugh. well, i had also found this place online that sold refill kits for pretty cheap & i was going to try that. i have just been a bit busy lately, but that is my plan.

i also have this copy of a really old little page i made, i think it is from the early 2000s, but i am not quite sure:

also, around that same time i organized some copy art exchanges through nervousness.org, they were really fun to do!
i did 3, here are some scans of the covers
. . . . . .

i am also hoping that making this little page will inspire me a bit to do more copyart.
& actually buy that new toner.