one shots. [various zines i have made in the past.]

how to - was the first zine i ever made. it was a compzine & it contained all sorts of instructional diagrams. i was going to make more of them but it never happened. Aug 2001

happy thought - was a mini (1/64th size) hand written (then photocopied) with a vellum cover, perzine type thing about thoughts about a happy future (none of which has since come true mind you, but oh well.) 2001

screwz - was a doodle zine, full of just random doodles, each cover had a hand drawn doodle. i made it mostly to send out with mailart stuff. Feb 2002

glue binding instructions - is just that, a mini (1/8th size) with instructions on how to bind a book using glue

time of death - was a mini (1/16th size) about different ways medical examiners use to determine time of death

daisy - was a little ..drawing type, mini, comic? i dont know, it was just a little artsy sorta mini throw in type fun thing. (1/16th size)

you know i can take you / muscle cat - my first (and only) split zine! made with my cousin for a 24hr zine challenge. my half (you know i can take you) is a comic (my drawings are stick people, i lack talent in this area) & my cousins half is an amusing cut and paste style fun thing. i am also not sure why it scanned so weird, i need to rescan the cover. (1/6th size) June 2004

if the floors could talk - this is an artzine made of vintage ads from newspapers found under the floors of what is now my house. my dad reno'd the house, and redid the original hardwood floors and under them, and in the walls, etc.. were lots of newspapers (fire safety obviously was not a huge concern back then), i do not have the exact date this very moment, but the papers were from sometime in the 40s or early 50s? anyway, the zine is a collection of ads from some of the papers from under the floors. June 2004

adventures of a little too decent girl - is a mini comic (1/8th size) made for my cousin, once again stick figure people, its just made with a single folded sheet of paper. July 2004

burn. - is a little photozine (1/4size) pictures of fire, printed on redish paper.

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