hi how are you?
is a teeny tiny artzine-type-photo-art project!
it is a teeny tiny envelope (1x1.5") that contains tiny photos!
the current issue is no.5!

if you want one i would love to trade with you!
if you make a zine, yay! but id be happy to trade for any sort of project you do!
if you'd rather you could send a couple bucks cash (or paypal) for postage
or stamps if you are in canada
but i'd really rather see your art.
if you really don't have anything you can send me a buck or two to cover postage.
be sure to ask for 'hi how are you?' or i might send you something else instead.

you can email me at dystatic AT gmail DOT com
or send me mail at:

po box 20083 rpo beverly
edmonton, ab canada
t5w 5e6

i also have a few copies of previous issues left
so be sure to ask for one!

i sometimes write on my blog, dystatic.blogspot.ca


have a great day!