fickle [an artzine]

fickle was a little tiny artzine, it was 10 pages 'bound' together in a tiny ziplock bag. i only made 2, well, 2.5, i actually have a half done issue sitting in a box somewhere, i might actually do something with it some day? i couldnt bring myself to throw it out, i had worked hard on the parts that were finished.

#1. oct 2001, edition of 30. is 1.5" square.

#2. mar 2002, edition of 50. is 1.25" square and in little orange bags

#3.april 2016 (started in the early 2000s), edition of 30. 1.25" square.

faltered hope
is a little mini containing a diary entry of sorts i suppose. #1 & 3 both were typed on the typewriter and have some typewriter design work to them, #2 deviated and is more (photo)copyart and handwritten writing.

#1. may 24, 2002

#2. july 4, 2002

#3. june 2, 2004

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