artistbooks. [i have made in the past]

airmail - the covers are customs labels, the pages are made from packing paper and have photocopies of stamps and various postal stuffs! also various real stamps in the pages. (2x3") Nov 2001

gold sun silver moon - hand stamped text, handsewn, joss paper. sent out with documentation for my sky mailart call. edition of 80 (2.25 x 2.75")

fragile - mini! (1/64th size) text typewritten on vellum pages with a packing paper cover, handsewn binding. 2001

breathe - photocopy art, side stitch, vellum covers (1/32 size)

decay - photocopy art, bound with vintage (i forget what these are called), hand written text in silver pen (1/8th size) Jan 2002

pills - matchbook style, handstamped text with a little handcarved stamp cover (1/32 size)

(symbol for mercury) - i dont exactly remember my intention of having the symbol on the cover, i think i was looking at alchemy symbols at the time? this was an edition of 16 books, i like the way i sewed the binding, variously coloured painted pages. (4.25 x 3.5") April, 2002

heart - mini! (1/64th size) various hand cut hearts glued in the pages. edition of 32, May 2002.

old magazine -mini! (1/64th size) this one has different dates on the cover, the pages were random pages from some old home magazines i got and the date on the cover is the date on the pages from the magazine it was taken from. edition of 32, May 2002

little happy things - vellum cover with hand typed glassine envelope pages filled with little goodies. edition of 19.

snow - handcut gold and silver snowflakes bound together with wrapping stuff, made this for an exchange i think? edition of 5, Dec 2002

shiny - photocopied photos between sheets of sheer and shiny fabric, sewn together on the sewing machine, made for a shiny book exchange! 2003

bloom - copyart, copies of flowers with a vellum cover, handsewn with gold and silver thread.

a trip to the zoo - matchbook style, contains copies of photos from the local zoo from 1966 that i found in an old photo album. made for a lofibook exchange. edition of 25, July 2004.

sleep - handstamped pages, velum cover, bound together with a sparkly bead on the front (1/32 size) edition of 10, May 2007

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