i make art.

so... i make other art sometimes. well.. lots of times.
so here are some of the other things i do.. well, not really, here is nothing at the moment, or close to nothing. but maybe.. someday. one day.

so, what other kinds of art do i do you ask? (yeah right, no ones asking.. but anyway.)
i have been taking pottery for awhile.. and while i doubt that i am really any good at it (i SUCK at the wheel.. all my shaky hands and whatnot), i might take some pictures of some of the things i have made that i DO like and post them on here for posterity's sake. ...in fact... i think i have some! ..i will dig through my folders.


i made these last year (2014), a little cylinder (i like making little cylinders, i have a shelf full of them! -- i really dont know what else to call them?) i carved little things into it and a little leaf plate that i really like! i made it by pressing a holly hock leaf directly into the clay and then forming the dish around it, i had the leaf burn off in the kiln. i made more of these this year!

Agar Prints!~ - are something i have been having fun doing.. so well.. i put up some pictures

& CopyArt is an old love of mine that i have not been doing for a long time.. but i will mention it here cause well.. i don't want it to die.