so.. i had liked the look of gelatin prints.. but not the idea of having to kill some poor creature to make them. i knew that agar is a good gelatin substitute.. i mean, that stuff can gel up hard! so.. i decided to do some experimenting.. and then played around a bit with my cousin making some art stuffs! .. then when the weather got warmer and i had access to leaves, i had lots more fun playing with those! it's fun messing around with paint and well.. just making a mess.
for this past christmas (2015) i made a tiny little plate to use to make christmas cards.

...also.. here are some pictures of some of the prints i have made.. the pictures are not great, they are all just super quick snapshots i have taken and some are blurry. i havent actually tried to take a nice picture of any. the little one is obviously from my little plate, the other ones are ones i did in the summer.

i have also scanned in some of the prints i have made over the past.. well.. year or so i guess, cause well, why not! .. not all the colours are really exactly true, i am not sure if it's the scanner or just well.. how things are, but i dont feel like trying to figure it out, and i dont really care. you gotta.. click here see them!

oh yeah.. if you want to know how to make an agar plate, i did a blog post about it awhile back, you can find it HERE! i am pretty sure that the plate i made with that post turned out kinda soft, so up the agar a bit. they last quite awhile actually! i usually wrap mine in plastic and store it in the fridge and the thing lasts for weeks if not months. you can also recycle them by just chopping it up and melting it down with a bit of water.. add a little bit more agar if you want, or don't.. it's up to you i suppose.
and... have fun.

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